Our Mission


The Church of Parentology has a direct mission to build a network of national and international congregations that educate and empower its members and others to resist the concept of "one size fits all": medical, social and educational programs, mandates or laws that require blind conformity and are therefore in conflict with our firmly held beliefs as stated herein.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to globally affirm the message of humanity as a God-given gift, and to express comprehensive health awareness education to optimize living skills that are passed on for generations to come.

After giving vaccines without question for 40 years, I no longer believe they are safe and effective. All vaccines contains toxic ingredients including: aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde. There’s increasing evidence connecting vaccines to the dramatic increase of conditions like: allergies, autism, diabetes and cancer that used to be rare in children. 

Part of the Hippocratic Oath I took when I graduated from medical school said, “Do no harm”! I will gladly send you information to watch and read, but I suggest you do your own research, then do what you think is best for your child. 

Don’t be bullied into getting shots that may permanently harm your child, because you not the government will have to take care of your damaged child for the rest of their life.  If vaccines were required there wouldn’t be a medical exemption in 50 states, a religious exemption in 48 states and a philosophical exemption in 16 states. 

Thousands of children who have not had all of the vaccines recommended by the CDC are in school doing fine.  Many children haven’t had any vaccines.  Parents have legal rights.  If you exercise them properly you may avoid the possibility of your child not being allowed to attend school at the designated time for admission. Please contact us. We may be able to assist you regarding this matter.
Email our office at info@churchofparentology.org and we will be glad to give you more information.  Thank you.

Dr. Lloyd M. Charles, Jr. MD- FAAP

Core Beliefs


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Our time on Earth is finite, but extends beyond our short personal Earthly existence into the distant future through the children God miraculously brings into this world via the physical union of a man and a woman.

Every child is a priceless gift from God our Father, entrusted to their Earthly parents to be loved, cherished, protected, trained and prepared to become whole, wholesome, loving productive adults - citizens of their country and in the eternal hereafter.
Every child is a unique individual with a unique set of capabilities and needs.  We are therefore against “one size fits all” educational, social or medical laws, mandates or programs that we deem by careful analysis may potentially harm our children and thereby thwart our solemn mission stated herein.

Education is the key to understanding life and becoming successful.  We are therefore committed to diligently seek out the best parenting practices past and present, then diligently work and faithfully apply those best practices to nurture the precious children God has entrusted to us - their temporary guardians.  We will share knowledge via support groups, workshops, and campaigns in the areas of, but not limited to: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health awareness

No government, agency or organization is better able to: love, cherished, protect, train and prepare their children to become whole, wholesome, loving productive adults than well informed parents.

If we have effectively parented, our children (by natural process or adoption) and God so wills, they will repeat the miraculous human life cycle and become parents entrusted to nurture the next generation of children.

Collaborating with other nonprofit and for-profit businesses and organizations that share our values, purpose and mission is vital..