Welcome to Parentology.

The Church of Parentology exists to affirm the message that all human life is an incomprehensible gift from God

i.e. we are all made in God’s image. 

Our purpose is to:

  • Connect and network with other like-minded people and organizations.

  • Become a unified body of believers better able to support and help each other carry out our God given mandate to maximize the potential of every child - every precious human life entrusted to us.
  • Educate and empower each other by sharing our experiences and expertise to promote family and multigenerational health and awareness in the areas of: spirituality, psychology, education & occupation, medical, physical, nutritional, environmental, cultural, social, financial, economic, and other pertinent areas of endeavor.​
  • Protect, nurture, guide, direct and train our children in the areas above to become productive citizens of this world and the world to come.